Arthur Gourounlian

Arthur Gourounlian is an Armenian dancer and television personality. He co-authored Brian and Arthur's Modern Family with Brian Dowling in 2023.

During the First Nagorno-Karabakh War of 1992, Arthur Gourounlian's family fled the war-torn region. They found asylum in Brussels, where Arthur initially pursued barbering. However, his passion for dance led him to nightclub gigs across Italy, Spain, and France. In 2002, he relocated to London, dedicating himself to professional dancing.

Gourounlian performed alongside international stars like Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, and the Pussycat Dolls. His talent extended beyond the stage as he took on the role of creative director for global brands, including Louboutin and Coca-Cola.

Gourounlian featured as a judge on RTÉ’s Dancing with the Stars and as the Armenian judge on The World's Best, hosted by James Corden. In 2021, he joined the Irish version of Dancing with the Stars.

In 2015, he married Brian Dowling, a renowned television presenter. Their lives took a joyful turn in 2021 when they settled in Kildare and welcomed their daughter, Blake, in 2022 through surrogacy.

In 2023, Gourounlian co-authored Brian and Arthur's Modern Family. This memoir is a heartfelt account of their journey to building a family. The book begins with Gourounlian's harrowing escape from Armenia.

For Dowling, the book explores his journey to self-acceptance. It addresses the challenges of being a young, gay man in the public eye in the early 2000s. The narrative poignantly touches on the sudden loss of his mother, a pivotal moment in his life.

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