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  • chanchaldeshmukh2810has quoted5 months ago
    Bess comes up the stairs and looks almost startled to see Rachel there.
  • aishathmanhaa1has quoted6 months ago
    In this life, games have to be unwinnable or you have to keep thinking of new ones.
  • Marcelahas quoted7 months ago
    Either she is like glass or she wishes to be like glass: seemingly transparent but also solid. And very dangerous when broken
  • hugooliveirahas quoted4 months ago
    Each is crafted to perfection. These are short stories to die for.’
    – Kit de Waal
    ‘If you enjoy funny, tough, sharp, s
  • bleedsirehas quoted5 months ago
    People make day trips to the Isle of May,
  • Malouka Maloukahas quotedlast month
    I absolutely loved You, Me & the Sea.
  • Emilia Margaux Purificacionhas quoted6 months ago
    use my lighter to light the stove.

    As I waiting for the water to boil I sit down and start back reading my book. The table nasty, like the stove. I feel long time it used to be red like the cigarette pack – carmine? A nice word, carmine – but now it just kind of fadey-orangey colour. Tangerine. Right in the centre of the table it had a big circle of bright red – carmine! – as though it
  • Alīna Strumpehas quotedlast year
    their allotted roles
  • Alīna Strumpehas quotedlast year
    fight and vanquish
  • Alīna Strumpehas quotedlast year
    whimsical world in her head
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