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  • Aviihas quoted2 years ago
    my whole life consisted of embarrassment.
  • Aviihas quoted2 years ago
    I used the word “ugly” just now, but there are people who cannot tell the difference between ugliness and beauty
  • XIVhas quoted2 years ago
    “Everything that is important can’t be seen”
  • Rubí RGhas quoted2 years ago
    I was a mean person
  • sapphohas quoted7 months ago
    People always plunged me into horror. I even believed that I hadn't succeeded as a man, and as a result, I hid my torment in my heart of hearts.I tried hard to mask the melancholy and nervousness by wrapping myself in naive optimism and becoming an even bigger buffoon
  • sofimadsen595has quoted6 months ago
    I have never managed to understand what human life is.
  • Elina Tokarievahas quotedlast year
    from another, one hour from another. For example, my hunters have some schedule. Every Thursday, they dance with girls from a village. So Thursday is a perfect day for me! I can even reach their grapes. But if hunters danced any time, then every day would be the same to me and I would never have a holiday.”
    So the Little Prince tamed the fox, and when it was time to leave…
    “Ah!” the fox said. “I am going to cry.”
    “It is your fault”, said the Little Prince. “I didn’t want to hurt you but you wanted to be tamed…”
    “Yes, that’s true”, said the fox.
    “But now you are going to cry!”
    “Yes, that’s true”, said the fox.
    “In this case, it didn’t bring you anything good!”
    “There is something good in the golden colour of the fields of wheat.”
    Then he added.
    “Go and have another look at your roses. You will realise now that your flower is the most unique in a whole world. Then come back and say goodbye to me. And I will reveal a secret to you.”
    The Little Prince went to look again at the roses.
    “You are nothing like my rose”, he said. “At the moment, you are nothing. Nobody has tamed you, and you haven’t tamed anyone. You are like my fox when I first met him. He was like any other thousands of foxes. But we became friends and now he is the most unique fox in a whole world.
    The roses got very embarrassed.
    “You are beautiful but empty”, he continued. “Nobody will die for you. I am sure any stranger will think that the rose, which belongs to me, looks the same way as you do. On its own, my rose is more important than hundreds of roses like you. I watered it, covered with a glass shade, killed caterpillars for it (except those three that we left so they could become butterflies); I listened when it was grumbling, boasting or was silent sometimes. It is my rose.”
    He went back to the fox.
    “Goodbye”, he said.
    “Goodbye”, said the fox. “And here is my secret. It is very simple: you may see the truth only with your heart. Everything that is important can’t be seen.”
    “Everything that is important can’t be seen”, the Little Prince repeated to memorize it better.
    “The time, that you have spent with your rose, makes it so important.”
    “The time, that I have spent with the rose”, the Little Prince said to memorize it better.
    “People have forgotten this truth”, said the fox. “You shouldn’t forget. We are always responsible for those who we tamed. You are responsible for your rose…”
    “I am responsible for my rose”, the Little Prince repeated to memorize it better.
  • Rostyslav Ivanitsahas quotedlast year
    busy with very important


  • Helen Rudhas quoted2 years ago
    But whether it was a man or a woman, everybody always said, “This is a hat.” After such an answer, I never discussed boa constrictors, ancient life or stars with them. I came down to their level. I talked to them about bridges, golf, politics and ties. And adults were very happy to meet such an intelligent person.
  • Helen Rudhas quoted2 years ago
    was rather lonely.
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