Nikki Barthelmess

Nikki Barthelmess is an American author of young adult books, including Everything Within and In Between, The Quiet You Carry, and Quiet No More. A former journalist, Nikki's background informs her nuanced storytelling, bringing depth and realism to her narratives.

Her literary debut, The Quiet You Carry (2019), introduced readers to Victoria Parker, a teenager navigating the complexities of foster care after being removed from her home due to her father's abuse. This powerful narrative explores themes of resilience, the struggle for identity, and the journey toward healing.

The sequel, Quiet No More (2020), follows Victoria as she starts college, seeking to rebuild her life and advocate for abuse survivors despite facing challenges from her past and the pressures of activism.

Everything Within and In Between (2021), Nikki's latest work, delves into the life of Ri Fernández, a young girl grappling with her mixed heritage and the desire to connect with her Mexican roots despite her grandmother's insistence on assimilation. Through Ri's story, Nikki explores the nuances of identity, the privilege of passing for white, and the complexities of family dynamics.

This novel is a testament to Nikki's commitment to addressing serious issues with a sense of hope and the understanding that identity is multifaceted and deeply personal.

Nikki Barthelmess resides in Santa Barbara with her husband, two young children, and a corgi.

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