William Strunk Jr.

William Strunk Jr. (July 1, 1869 – September 26, 1946) was an American professor of English at Cornell University and author of The Elements of Style (1918). After revision and enlargement by his former student E. B. White, it became a highly influential guide to English usage during the late 20th century, commonly called Strunk & White.


Света Котинаhas quoted2 months ago
he abbreviation etc., even if only a single term comes before it, is always preceded by a comma.
Francisco Samourhas quoted2 years ago
The abbreviations etc. and jr. are always preceded by a comma, and except at the end of a sentence, followed by one.
Frich Baronhas quoted3 months ago
The Elements of Style


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👍Worth reading

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    E.B.White,William Strunk Jr.
    The Elements of Style
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