Howard Staunton


edganiecesamidjanhas quoted6 months ago
Like most of the other Pieces, his power is greatest in the middle of the board
edganiecesamidjanhas quoted6 months ago
He moves in a straight line, forwards, backwards, or sideways, having a uniform range, on a clear board, of fourteen squares, exclusive of the one he occupies.
edganiecesamidjanhas quoted6 months ago
A Pawn is the only one of the forces which goes out of his direction to capture, and which has not the advantage of moving backwards; but it has one remarkable privilege, by which, on occasions, it becomes invaluable, whenever it reaches the extreme square of the file on which it travels, it is invested with the title and assumes the power of any superior Piece, except the King, which the player chooses.
Drag & drop your files (not more than 5 at once)