Jules Grant

Jules Grant is an English author from Manchester. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck College, University of London. She worked as a barrister for over twenty years.

In her debut novel, We Go Around In The Night and Are Consumed By Fire (2016), the narrative centres around a group of Mancunian lesbian gangsters, blending street poetry with a thirst for revenge. The book's title is a Latin palindrome translated from graffiti on the Hulme overpass in Manchester.

In an interview with Edmund Flyte for Hastings Online Times, Grant discussed her creative process and the distinctive elements that define her work.

Grant fearlessly introduces openly gay characters, refusing to cater to a mainstream audience. She acknowledges the potential risks in the conservative publishing business but prioritizes staying true to her voice and storytelling over immediate market reception. Grant emphasized the joy of creation and the excitement of weaving a narrative, asserting that writing one's truth and portraying one's people hold precedence.

A notable aspect of the novel is the perspective provided by the ten-year-old character, Aurora. Using an intuitive understanding of the character's voice and emotions, Grant said that this was a fluid process. She captures the essence of a modern child's mindset by exploring universal themes like powerlessness and grief.

Jules Grant now lives in Brighton.

Photo credit: myriadeditions.com
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