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Nicola Skinner


The sinister eeriness of Doll Bones meets the dark humor of Lemony Snicket in this smart middle grade ghost story. Frances—you can call her Frankie—was not a happy baby. She was born amidst chaos, to two loving but unprepared parents. On a beach. In a storm. No wonder she’s always had a temper. And you know what did nothing to quell her anger? Dying dramatically in a freak natural disaster that wiped out her whole town. As a ghost, it’s not so easy for Frankie to hide her rage, especially when suspicious visitors to her ruined home seem to have a keen and ominous interest in her. But when you were born with a storm inside you—sometimes the only way to calm it is to finally let it out. Readers who loved the heart of books like Shouting at the Rain and Orphan Island will love following Frankie’s ghostly journey.
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    🔮Hidden Depths

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  • Natasha Swaffordhas quoted25 days ago
    When you’re born, you’re a baby. That’s something we can all agree on. But you’re not just a baby. No.

    You’re a story.

    A beautiful, bouncing, gurgling story.

    A tale to be treasured.
  • Natasha Swaffordhas quoted24 days ago
    “Oh, and Thea Thrubwell is coming. Is that okay?” said Ivy.

    Obviously, it was not okay.

    “I guess that’s okay,” I said.
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