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John Reed

Ten Days That Shook the World

Ten Days That Shook the World (1919) is a book by American journalist and socialist John Reed about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, which Reed experienced firsthand. Reed followed many of the prominent Bolshevik leaders, especially Grigory Zinoviev and Karl Radek, closely during his time in Russia. John Reed died in 1920, shortly after the book was finished, and he is one of the few Americans buried at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis in Moscow, a site normally reserved only for the most prominent Soviet leaders.
484 printed pages
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  • Fathimah Azzahrahas quoted2 years ago
    For many years the country has been in such a disturbed condition that they have had the advantage of leadership not only of intelligent individuals in their midst, but of a large part of the equally revolutionary educated class, who have turned to the working people with their ideas for the political and social regeneration of Russia
  • Иванhas quoted2 years ago
    "The people at the top are always calling upon us to sacrifice more, sacrifice more, while those who have everything are left unmolested.
  • Иванhas quoted2 years ago
    They (the workers) were all agreed that our (American) political institutions were preferable to their own, but they were not very anxious to exchange one despot for another (i.e., the capitalist class)….

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