Alyxandra Harvey

Bleeding Hearts

The fourth book in the young adult vampire romance series that’s “fun, funny, and a relief from Twilight wannabes” from the author of Out for Blood (Booklist).
As the newly crowned vampire princess, Solange Drake has a lot to get used to—including some new fangs. Her family is also hosting the Blood Moon, a rare gathering, in the forest near their farm, which means Solange’s best friend, the all-too-human Lucy, must keep her distance, whether she wants to or not.
While the Drakes are busy with the party—and keeping a pack of feral vampires at bay—Lucy has her training at the Helios-Ra Academy (aka Vampire–Hunter High) to keep her occupied. And there’s her cousin Christabel, who almost seems to have a personality when her head isn’t buried in a book. But when Christabel is mistaken for Lucy and kidnapped, it becomes clear that someone—or something—wants to hit Solange where it hurts.
No one messes with Connor Drake’s friends and family and gets away with it, especially since Christabel has awoken feelings in him he can’t fight, including the fear that he might not be able to save her . . .
Praise for the Drake Chronicles
“Vampires with bite and girls who bite back. A witty, exhilarating and fresh take on an old tale.” —Kelley Armstrong, #1 New York Times–bestselling author
“An action-packed story full of intrigue, suspense, and romance with a great cast of characters.” —School Library Journal
“An all-around kick-ass good time.” —Fyrefly’s Book Blog
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