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Sam Blake

Something Terrible Happened Last Night

It's Katie's 17th birthday — the dancefloor is packed, the drink is flowing and Rave-fess, the Raven's Hill School confession site, is alight with gossip.
Then a huge fight breaks out, sending guests fleeing.
When Frankie, Jess and Sorcha go back to help Katie clear up the wrecked house before her parents get home, they find more than broken bottles …
There's a body on the living room floor.
245 printed pages
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Gill Books
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  • Dona_mhas quoted14 days ago
    Sitting at the bottom of the stairs in Katie’s black-and-white-tiled hallway, Frankie put her head in her hands and tried to shut out the chaos that was unfolding around her.
  • crnmfjpwwkhas quoted25 days ago
    She sighed. One day she was going to be able to introduce herself in this town without someone saying, ‘Oh, you’re Ollie’s sister.’ Frankie didn’t know if it was because he was the oldest of the five of them, or because his band was the only vaguely
  • Pinja Leinonenhas quoted25 days ago
    Just keep writing’
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