Ernest Hemingway

In Our Time

A collection of vignettes and stories, including the Nick Adams tale “Indian Camp,” from one of American literature’s greatest twentieth-century writers.
This volume of short fiction offers brief glimpses into Ernest Hemingway’s life and mind, portraying the evolution of an artist—a writer of nonfiction testing the form’s limits, stretching his imagination, and experimenting with the “fibrous and athletic” language that would propel his novels and make its mark on literary history (The New York Times).
In Our Time features famous Nick Adams stories such as “Indian Camp,” in which Nick gets a hard lesson in the reality of birth and death, “The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife,” “The Three-Day Blow,” “The Battler,” and “Big Two-Hearted River,” Parts I and II. There are scenes of war, bullfights, and brutality, but also moments of humor, albeit dark, and beauty. In Our Time captures a moment in a master’s career, in which we are given a hint of what is to come . . .
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    “Remember, that he who ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city,” said his wife.
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