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Michel de Montaigne

The Essays of Montaigne — Complete

In his Essays Montaigne warns us from the outset that he has set himself 'no goal but a domestic and private one' yet he is one author whose modernity and universality have been acclaimed by each age since he wrote. Probing into his emotions, attitudes, and behavior, Montaigne reveals to us much about ourselves.
1,762 printed pages
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  • Danny Talbothas quoted10 years ago
    The premeditation of death is the premeditation of liberty; he who has learned to die has unlearned to serve.
  • Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted4 years ago
    He afterwards proceeded to the Tyrol, where he was agreeably surprised, after the warnings which he had received, at the very slight inconveniences which he suffered, which gave him occasion to remark that he had all his life distrusted the statements of others respecting foreign countries, each person’s tastes being according to the notions of his native place; and that he had consequently set very little on what he was told beforehand.
  • Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted4 years ago
    He also would say that he seemed to himself like those who are reading some pleasant story or some fine book, of which they fear to come to the end: he felt so much pleasure in travelling that he dreaded the moment of arrival at the place where they were to stop for the night

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