Mia Amore

Hot frivolous games (erotic novel, sex story, erotic novel for women)

♥ A bombastic sex story that is second to none…

Actually, I wanted to lead an exciting life as a journalist. But my everyday life looks completely different and doesn't fulfill me at all…

Neither professionally nor privately. That changes abruptly when I am supposed to write a report about the hustle and bustle of a single club holiday.

Embark with me ♥… a voyeuristic sensual journey full of erotic encounters,
♥… unbridled passion,
♥… sexual desire and ♥… unexpected longings,

which also bring back to life the desires and desires that I thought I had lost. But will I find my passion again or will I lose myself in my lust?

An erotic novel embedded in a sexy collection of indiscreet sex stories, all set in the loveliest weeks of the year.

♥♥♥ An incredibly tingling and erotic accompaniment for your vacation or as a little bedtime reading, because even an erotic short vacation at home can be very enjoyable. ♥♥♥

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