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Cixin Liu

The Dark Forest

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  • Dannihas quoted3 years ago
    Darkness. Before the darkness there was nothing but nothingness, and the nothingness was without color. Nothing was in the nothingness. Darkness at least meant that there was space.
  • Constanza Marambiohas quotedlast year
    “What do you think I should think about now?”
    “In my experience, any thinking is liable to go off the rails. You should just go to sleep
  • Marhas quoted2 years ago
    to inquire after Say’s mother and the UN’s mother, to inquire after the mothers of all of the delegates at the special session and on the PDC, to inquire after the mothers of the entire human race, and finally to inquire after the nonexistent mothers of the Trisolarans.
  • Quỳnh Hoa Nguyễn Ngọchas quotedlast month
    stems of a bundle of flowers

    cuống bó hoa

  • Becca Kovácshas quoted2 months ago
    The glory you know is what you’ve read in the history books, but our trauma was cemented by the blood of our fathers and grandfathers.
  • zipmaahas quoted2 months ago
    He owned a larger home in another part of Beijing and used this apartment as a place to keep a mistress from Sichuan who was about the same age as his daughter
  • Cosmin Mhas quoted7 months ago
    sometimes seems as if your world is missing something, other times that it has something extra, and we dont know which.

    What is the area of confusion?

    Weve carefully studied your documents and have discovered that the key to understanding the problem lies in a pair
  • Constanza Marambiohas quotedlast year
    Time is the one thing that can’t be stopped. Like a sharp blade, it silently cuts through hard and soft, constantly advancing. Nothing is capable of jolting it even the slightest bit, but it changes everything.
  • Constanza Marambiohas quotedlast year
    This is my good fortune. I won’t bring you glory, but I’ll give you rest
  • Constanza Marambiohas quotedlast year
    Growing up, his father had used silence rather than speech to educate him, and words were merely the punctuation between the silences. It was his silent father who had made him into the man he was today
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