Mia Amore

Summerdreams *Holiday reading, erotic novel

One thing nobody can take away from us… or why sex makes us want to live! Times are extraordinary! Every day we hear new bad news, no travel, no events, vacations are supposed to be shortened… but our longings grow with every day that we are isolated because of the Corona Pandemic. How good that we can dream about it! Dreams don't cost anything, in my dreams I don't have to do anything and can do anything, in these seconds I'm neither active, nor productive, nor effective; fall completely out of space and time and in our daydreams all our longings are fulfilled. In our imagination we can safely go to parties, sit by the sea, do extreme sports as a chair fart, find the unattainable dream man, even have the most extraordinary sex without consequences…you very personal 'erotic cinema in the head' He who has more dreams in his soul than reality can destroy is really rich. (Hans Kruppa)

Sex fantasies are mostly desires that don't have to be realized. They can be completely absurd and unworldly and do not have to live from the intention of acting, but they are the key to really good, hot sex. It is not for nothing that the brain is also referred to as the most important human sexual organ, because it is the control center for every good orgasm. If it is addressed by our 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), then it ensures good blood circulation in our sexual organs. This creates sexual tension. The tension is discharged through another process in the brain, which resembles neural fireworks and is accompanied by involuntary, rhythmic muscle contractions. Just at the moment of orgasm, this control center releases an extra dose of dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that gives us a pleasant feeling of reward. At the same time, a large dose of oxytocin is released on command from the brain. This in turn is a messenger substance that awakens the desire to cuddle and strengthens the bond with the partner. During sex, our glands mix a cocktail of other substances that make you want to live, albeit in small amounts. These include the happiness hormone serotonin and the stimulating neurotransmitters adrenaline and noradrenaline. The sex hormone testosterone increases performance in men and women, while estrogen in women ensures that the antennae of their senses become even more receptive. The satiety hormone prolactin helps us feel full of happiness after sex. And finally, the unspeakable phenylethylamine makes the good mood in bed perfect. In short: the more you indulge in the power of all your senses, the more pleasurable sex is and the more you do for your well-being.

My next book Summer Dreams should pick you up right there! Tickle your senses, escape the confines of your life, take your over-the-counter self-medication for recovery from everyday difficulties to instant physical relaxation and mental relief!Let me take you into a world of sexual fantasies with a book designed to make you dream too… Let's dream life beautifully and enjoy the erotic short vacation, then life will be fun again!
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