Tom Bradman,Tony Bradman

Ice Breaker

When the spaceship colony Buzz Aldrin spots an ice planet, although it's no good for long-term habitation, it is
a great place for a winter holiday! Armed with skis, snowboards and
sledges, the children are taken for a fun-filled field
trip, which quickly turns to disaster when an avalanche strikes.
Luke, Yuri and Yasmin think that being trapped in
an ice cave is bad enough, but then discover that actually
they're inside the mouth of an enormous alien creature! Will the trio
of young adventurers ever manage to escape? Or will they become
the human equivalent of a frozen TV dinner?
42 printed pages
Publication year
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  • Robinshared an impression3 months ago

    Is this the first book?

  • hlomphokalekaleshared an impression5 days ago
    👍Worth reading

  • OceacnBlue774shared an impression2 months ago
    👍Worth reading


  • b6308872198has quoted5 months ago
    Chapter One: Ice Planet

    Chapter Two: Nasty Men

    Chapter Three: Alien Eyes

    Chapter Four: A Nice Trophy

    Chapter Five: Green Slime

    Chapter Six: A Storm Coming

    Chapter Seven: Real Danger

    Chapter Eight: Big Momma
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