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Moon Milk

Get ready for sleep with over fifty recipes for calming, stress-relieving bedtime drinks.
Moon Milk is a cookbook of fifty-five recipes for calming beverages to drink before bedtime. Relaxing nighttime drinks have often been thought of as a miracle worker for helping you to snooze soundly and deeply. Many of the recipes in this book have adaptogens in the ingredients, such as ginseng, turmeric, or cardamom, to help reduce stress, relieve fatigue, and bring a sense of peace.
While most of these tasty beverages are warm drinks made with nondairy or dairy milks, there are also recipes for cool elixirs, and options to be made using teas and flavored waters. There is a chapter dedicated to drinks using alcohol, but you can add spirits to any of the drinks if you so choose.
The book is divided into five chapters, with the first, Milky Way, focusing on the concept of moon milks, creating nut milks from scratch, adaptogens, garnishes, and infusions. The other four chapters are Starlit Soothers (milks to invite peace and tranquility), Night Owls (milks for late nights), Calming Classics (milks for coziness), and Noddy Toddies (milks with extra spirits).
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