Selected short stories of Maupassant, Guy de Maupassant
Guy de Maupassant

Selected short stories of Maupassant

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In the novel of Maupassant, there are always the stories of nonentities like cunning farmers coming from Normandy, generous craftsmen, bullied prostitutes and maids, small staffs, small shopkeepers, common people in city. Also there are the run-down gentries, rich merchants, factory owners, as well as the ambitious politicians who are all small figures. For example, in Boule de Suif, facing the enemy's despotic power, a patriotic prostitutes and wimp businessman and the squires have different attitudes and actions. The novel “family” tells a story of a family in which they fight and strike violently for heritage. The novel “spring” and others tell the stories of the common people, small staffs and small owners who are addicted to pursuing pleasure in the fashion Paris.
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