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Lawrence Lessig

Free Culture

Lawrence Lessig, “the most important thinker on intellectual property in the Internet era” (The New Yorker), masterfully argues that never before in human history has the power to control creative progress been so concentrated in the hands of the powerful few, the so-called Big Media. Never before have the cultural powers— that-be been able to exert such control over what we can and can’t do with the culture around us. Our society defends free markets and free speech; why then does it permit such top-down control? To lose our long tradition of free culture, Lawrence Lessig shows us, is to lose our freedom to create, our freedom to build, and, ultimately, our freedom to imagine.
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  • zzhuzhikahas quoted6 years ago
    The opposite of a free culture is a "permission culture"—a culture in which creators get to create only with the permission of the powerful, or of creators from the past.
  • nikolajkj98049has quoted5 years ago
    Unlike actual law, Internet software has no capacity to punish
  • zzhuzhikahas quoted6 years ago
    Edwin Howard Armstron

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