Anna Zaires

Twist Me

  • Lucy E. Cosmehas quoted2 years ago
    “Life is nothing more than a fucked-up roulette,” she says softly, “where the wheel keeps spinning and the wrong numbers keep coming up. You can cry about it all you want, but the truth of the matter is that this is as close to a winning ticket as it gets.”
  • melisaseferi01has quotedlast month
    gets up and walks toward me, still holding me with his gaze. He walks leisurely. Calmly. He’s completely sure of himself. And
  • Tayyaba Shareefhas quotedyesterday
    I shrug. Jake and I don’t run in the same circles. He’s got cheerleaders climbing all over him, and I’ve been watching him long enough to know that he goes for tall blond girls, not short brunettes.

    Besides, for now it’s kind of fun to just enjoy the attraction. And I know that’s what this feeling is. Lust. Hormones, pure and simple. I have no idea if I’ll like Jake as a person, but I certainly love how he looks without his shirt. Whenever he walks by, I feel my heart beating faster from excitement. I feel warm inside, and I want to squirm in my seat.

    I also dream about him. Sexy dreams, sensu
  • strangerthingsel11has quoted3 days ago
    I try to imagine what sex with Jake would be like

    What is finna play- WOAHHHH

  • oliviastorreshas quoted7 days ago
    have no idea if I’ll like Jake as a person, but I certainly love how he looks without his shirt.
  • Demorah Robinsonhas quotedlast month
    I’m terrified of what he’ll do to me now, and the tears burning my eyes finally escape, running down my cheeks.

    “Nora,” he says, and there is a steely note in his voice. “Get up. Get up right now.”

    Scared of what will happen? RED FLAG

  • nishan72has quotedlast month
    high school graduation is today, and I’m excited. Leah,
  • Aakifah Williamshas quoted2 months ago
    His hair is dark and curls slightly. His face is hard and masculine, each feature perfectly symmetrical. Straight dark eyebrows over those strikingly pale eyes. A mouth that could belong to a fallen angel.
  • Aakifah Williamshas quoted2 months ago
    I often wish I were taller. It’s those Mexican genes of mine. My
  • Kaylahas quoted2 months ago
    He leans down toward me. “You don’t want that boy,” he says harshly. “He can never give you what I can. Do you understand me?”
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