Mark Daniels

Gods, Heroes and Monsters

Gods, Heroes and Monsters retells the ancient stories from around the world, which have been passed down by generation after generation of storytellers, each bringing a clearer understanding of life’s biggest questions.
Since the dawn of communication, humankind has looked around itself and used myths and legends to make sense of the world. Imaginative tales of goddesses, heroes, villains and beasts bring understanding to the biggest questions in life: Who made the world? What happens when we die? Where did we come from? How should we live our lives?
Gods, Heroes and Monsters invites you to take your place at the campfire that’s been glowing since the first tale was told. Featuring myths and legends from around the world, discover the fascinating variety — and several surprising similarities — of the stories that have been shared for millennia, from one person to another, one lesson at a time.
Discover ancient stories on love, death, monsters and spirits and listen to tales of love, revenge and war between the pantheon of gods. Hear the tales of ordinary men and women who have stepped up and overcome life-threatening challenges, from Mulan to Hercules.
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  • Justin Petersonhas quoted19 days ago
    The parallels can be heard in the order in which the world came into existence

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