Pamela Palmer

A Love Untamed

There’s a Fox on the hunt . . . “Hot shifters, evil beings trying to destroy the world, a lot of action and intrigue what more could a reader ask for?” —Fresh Fiction
They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release . . .
The newest member of the elite Feral Warriors brotherhood, Fox is eager to prove himself on the frontlines of battle against the Daemons. When paired with the legendary Ilina warrior Melisande, he expects the fierce beauty to quickly fall under the spell of his quite considerable charm. Instead, he finds himself spellbound by a woman who’s his match in every way.
Beneath Melisande’s brittle exterior lies centuries of pain and a violent hatred of all shape-shifters—a hatred that slowly crumbles after she and Fox are caught in a deadly and cunning Mage trap and she glimpses a surprising depth in her far-too-seductive partner. Their survival demands unconditional trust—and their salvation surrender to a wild, untamed love.
“Pamela Palmer’s top-notch characterization, wild imagination, and emotional realism make this book an exciting read. Reviewer Top Pick!” —Night Owl Reviews
A Love Untamed is a sure pleaser for fans of this fantastic and exciting series. Surprises and shocks, twists and turns, lows so dark they were a torment to read and highs so lofty they made me dizzy, all pepper the novel making it a true page flipper.” —Long and Short Reviews 
“All who value good storytelling should not miss this one!” —Affaire de Coeur
293 printed pages
Original publication
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HarperCollins, Avon
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