Sebastian Fitzek

The Nightwalker

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233 printed pages
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  • Habitante de libroshared an impression2 months ago
    👍Worth reading


  • Habitante de librohas quoted2 months ago
    The case was clear-cut: the cheating wife admits her betrayal. Her husband loses his mind. A crime of passion. Then, to end it all, he hangs himself. It was the oldest story in the world.
  • Habitante de librohas quoted2 months ago
    In this brief phase the brain stretches its feelers into the world outside the dream, like a submarine does its periscope, to check if it would be advisable to change the state of consciousness, for example if the sleeping person is in danger.
  • Habitante de librohas quoted2 months ago
    o as not to be woken by each and every noise, the brain restricts the intensity of external stimuli.

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