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Susan Ee

Susan EE is an American bestselling author of young adult and fantasy novels. Her debut book, Angelfall, is listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time.

Susan EE was born in Korea and raised in California. Before becoming a writer, she pursued a career in law. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature influenced her creative direction.

Ee describes her inspiration for the Angelfall Trilogy through her interest in biblical angels. She explored the idea of angels as formidable beings rather than the commonly portrayed cherubs.

Set in California post-apocalypse, the story follows Penryn, a 17-year-old girl, who allies with an injured angel to find her kidnapped sister. Ee felt a unique connection to her writing process, allowing the story to unfold naturally.

"I wrote the first draft of Angelfall during the breakup of a seven-year relationship," Susan EE said.

Angelfall achieved significant success, topping Amazon’s Most Wished For Teen Books list and receiving a nomination for the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards. Its popularity led to a film adaptation in development by Sam Raimi. It also was translated into Korean and about 20 different languages.

Her other series include Penryn & the End of Days and Midnight Tales. Her works have been translated into numerous languages and have received accolades from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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