Susan Ee

Briar & the Dreamers of Midnight

From the author of one of the Best Fantasy Books of All Time (Time Magazine), comes the tale of a girl in a cursed kingdom, with a curse of her own…

What would you do if you were trapped in a body doomed to sleep for generations? Would you quietly wait for your prince to wake you with a kiss?

Not me.

I got tired of waiting, especially when I woke and found myself trapped in my frozen body.

Only the cruelest fairy would think to punish someone that way. And the cruelest of them all is in the Kingdom of Midnight.

I found an escape. I entered the Dreaming—where dreamers silently scream, where alliances are forgotten, and where evil fairies hunt rebels like me into the darkest nightmares of the kingdom.…

Don’t miss this fierce fairy tale!

Briar & the Dreamers of Midnight is a stand-alone novel that can be enjoyed by readers new to the world of Midnight Tales.
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