Keith Barry,Nick Sheridan

Mind Magic

Your imagination is a powerful tool. So powerful that if you put your mind to it, you can often achieve great things.
Harnessing the power of your mind can be magical. It could even change your life!
You don't even have to believe in magic. You just have to believe in yourself.
Keith Barry is a magician, a scientist, a mentalist, a hypnotist, an escapologist, a mind coach and a brain hacker and he can perform mind magic on you!
This book will:
• Show you how to become more confident to try new things
• Teach you tricks to help you fix problems in everyday life
• Help you to feel good, smash your goals and bounce back when things go wrong
• Make life more magical
It's Keith Barry's Mind Magic, and you can learn it too!
242 printed pages
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Gill Books
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